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At the crossroads of science and wellness, we find Xelliss Spirulina. Patented vertical cultivation methods for better health, strength and vitality. Available today in powder and tablets.

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Known as a superfood for centuries, spirulina microalgae is one of the richest sources of nutrients and micronutrients that nature offers you.

Here are some things you can expect from our A3Nat Spirulina:


1image imageFor every day:

Daily wellness boost with increased vitality, energy, and well-being.

2image image For athletes and health enthusiasts:

Can help with increased recovery capacities and a more supported physical condition. Quicker recovery and blood cell replenishment after a donation.

3image imageFor vegans:

Provides gap nutrition for those who don’t eat animal protein.

4image imageIf your iron deficient:

Better ability to assimilate iron from conventional foods. For women who wish to avoid iron deficiency and maintain healthy iron levels.

5image imageFor those looking to get the spark back:

Aids in your sexual wellness.

6image imageFor those trying to lose weight:

Aids in weight loss, acts as an appetite suppressant, and has supplementary contributions to a reduced diet.

After just one to two months
your body can experience these benefits:


Here is what that process looks like

Today’s crops are shown to contain fewer nutrients and are under constant attack from pollutants, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals.


Xelliss is combating this trend with our patented vertical farming.

The process starts with our photobioreactors and chlorine-free fresh water from the local mountains. This water is then filtered by reverse osmosis to guarantee that our microalgae is not exposed to chemical, microbial, or water-related contamination.


Using the photobioreactors to create a closed environment is essential to production as it doesn’t allow for contamination from bacteria, heavy metals, herbicides, or pesticides.


Artificial Intelligence is used to constantly watch the microalgae in order to assure optimum nutritional composition.


This A.I. can control things like evaluating and adjusting the photobioreactor’s temperature, salinity, water pH, nutrient supply, and luminosity in order to provide you with exceptionally high-grade spirulina.


By using this patented technology we can cultivate high-quality microalgae at any time of the year in any quantity we desire with consistent results. We are not concerned about seasonal or climatic fluctuations.


This attention to detail allows you the consumer to obtain microalgae with superior nutritional benefits


Our spirulina includes 50% of essential aminoacids.


Double the iron content vs other spirulina.


The gentle drying process allows forthe conservation of essential nutrients.


Our patented vertical farming technique controls the entire process from cultivation to packaging. This allows for a superior product with superior nutrients.


Healthy Spirulina is free of contaminants that are often seen by competitors because of growing procedures.


For the curious

Which spirulina is best?

Any company that you go to will tell you they have the best spirulina around. There’s will give you the most benefits, the quickest results, etc, etc. The difference at Xelliss is we have the science to back it up. We believe the source matters! Our photobioreactors are patented and are used to create the most nutrient-dense spirulina in the industry.

Are spirulina tablets better than powder?

Both the powder and the pills deliver the amazing health benefits of spirulina. A lot of this question comes down to your preferred delivery method. With that being said because pills are packaged in capsules you always run the risk of your body not fully digesting the pill which would leave you without the benefits.

What does spirulina taste like?

We get this question quite a bit. It’s green and it’s a microalgae so many get concerned about what it will taste like. Spirulina tastes similar to seaweed. Our blue spirulina will not have this “ocean flavor.” If you are at all concerned about the flavor we recommend adding spirulina to your morning smoothie or you can even bake with it.

Will spirulina help me lose weight?

Among its many health benefits, spirulina is a great appetite suppressant. As you eat less the calorie deficit will help you lose weight. Spirulina has also been shown to aid with cholesterol and many other health benefits.

How is spirulina grown?

We feature some videos on our website of our exact process for growing spirulina. We are very proud of how we make our spirulina and believe it is different because of the patented process that is used to grow it.

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